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WhatsApp Rolls Out New Feature to Notify Users About Privacy Policy Updates

Just hours after we posted about how messaging apps should only take the smallest amount of data from you, WhatsApp announced it is going to force users to agree to them sharing their data with Facebook, WhatsApp’s parent company. Whilst those in the EU are exempt due to EU laws on data, the rest of the world are going to have to deal with this and it is not good.

The data that will be shared will be phone numbers, or whatever information you used to register with, information about what phone you are using, such as its model and what phone company you use, your IP address and any financial data and payments you made via WhatsApp. Facebook has also said they may share other information such as contacts.

All of this is one gigantic red flag. All of this is information you should keep private, not shared between companies. And what happens when a server contains this information is broken into? If they do not keep it properly protected? That could be millions of people seeing their data taken by hackers.

It’s time to get serious about secure messaging. And it is clear that WhatsApp will not protect your privacy. With SKY ECC, you have the most secure phone for private and secure communications available. If you need to keep your messages secure and want to know that your information is protected, then head to our store and choose the device that will help keep your communications secure and private.