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Use Cases to Encrypt with SKY ECC Job Function

Jobs. There are many types of them. Some are important, and others are important by proximity. Any job that requires the employee to have access to important and sensitive information is going to need safe communication channels. Secretaries, assistant type of jobs, may not be considered high-level work, but the nature of these jobs make them privy to private or important information about others. These others could be celebrities, VIPs, or business-related sensitive information. If you do any of these types of jobs, you need a secure phone that no one else other than authorized people can log into and see messages, images, etc. The following are some examples of job functions that can use a phone that cannot be hacked.

CEOs and Executive Staff

The people who are the most vulnerable for hack attacks in most medium to large businesses are C-level executives and higher. These jobs require a great deal of communication between these staff members for the smooth running of the company. Hence, most of the information that is passed around is going to be sensitive. It is for these reasons, and more, hackers see them as prime targets. It is imperative that higher-level employees keep their communication, sometimes even personal communication, as private as possible. Hacks done to major company bosses such as Twitter and Amazon highlights the importance of safe communication practices.

Those of You Who Work for Important Clients

Close on the heels of major corporations, a group that requires good cybersecurity is high-profile clients. Famous clients regardless of their profession will come under the description of high-profile clients. If you are in any way in contact with celebrities or do any work for them, then you will need just as good cybersecurity as the clients themselves. Never take for granted that any info exchanged with them or about them, is of no value. Hackers know what is valuable and will take it and use it.

The most common type of damage done to high-profile people generally tends to be information they can sell to the press. It could be embarrassing photos or travel plans or emails regarding their life/job. Celebrity hacking can be so lucrative that sometimes even news organizations themselves will do the hacking! The most famous, recent example of this was when a news corporation named The News of the World hacked into phones belonging to people who worked for high-profile and celebrity types.

The World of Research and Intellectual Property Rights

When you mention the words “research & development,” you are most likely going to think about men and women in wearing lab coats, in dark rooms cooking up new things to use or sell. However, there are many types of research, and one of the most common ones is market research. Companies spend billions of dollars figuring out what will sell where and at what cost. Market and consumer research are invaluable information and can make or break a company. Therefore, it is essential to have secure communication and storage of research information.

Intellectual property is all about ideas. If one person or company comes up with a good idea, then the first thing they will try and do is patent it. A good idea can potentially be worth billions of dollars. Hence, keeping it protected from prying eyes is the most important thing you can do. The problem is that an idea at times can be difficult to prove regarding who it belongs to. Every major company in the US and other countries has engaged in legal battles with each other over intellectual property. On top of all this, if an idea gets released to the public, it is virtually impossible to take it back. For these reasons alone, it is easy to see why protecting intellectual property is very important. And that can only happen with secure data storage and communications.

When Companies Merge

Mergers and acquisitions are chaotic on their own. It is the nature of the beast. When a merger happens, it is perhaps the most important time to make sure all sensitive data is secure. Everyone from the CEO on downwards to the average employee needs to know what is going on. Communication becomes very important for everyone. Hackers know this, and they also know that in the ensuing chaos, there could be valuable info just “laying around,” and that is when they spring to action. If both companies have good cybersecurity in place, it will not be a problem.

Deals to be Made

Businesses large and small are constantly making deals. Whether it is distributors, manufacturers, customers, making deals with various entities is a large part of running a business. All communication between you, and whoever you are making deals with will need good cybersecurity, to avoid lawsuits and other mishaps.

Legal Departments

For those of you who work in the legal profession, know fully well about attorney-client privilege. If there is any security breach in legal matters, then it can be very difficult to gain trust back from clients. It is up to the law firms to make their clients feel comfortable regarding any communication between the two. One of the more egregious examples of legal hacking involved a law firm that had its non-disclosure agreements connected to the 9/11 terrorist attack were stolen, and the hacker tried to pass it on to terrorists!

International Employees

Those of you working for governments on an international basis, or non-governmental organizations (NGOs), diplomats, etc. are prime targets for hackers. State-sponsored hackers make up most of these attacks as opposed to individuals. NGOs, for example, are particularly vulnerable since often they are fighting for human rights and exposing corrupt governments. Therefore, some governments will stop at nothing to hack into activist’s accounts. The only hope is to switch from mediocre apps like Whatsapp and switch to secure apps such as the one developed by SKY ECC.

Remote Work

As more and more people are working from home these days, the more important it is that employees have good security in place for communication. The bad news is that many out-of-office workers are going to cafes and temporary workspace locations such as WeWork to do their jobs. The problem with this is that these are hardly safe places. The reason is simple. These types of places have poor Internet security in place. The only solution is to use a secure system that is un-hackable, such as SKY ECC’s communication tools.

Why SKY ECC is a Gamechanger

In all of the above examples, one thing they have in common is that they need safe transmission of data that cannot be compromised in any way. With SKY ECC, you will get devices made by our own company, and send and receive data over our own infrastructure. All data is encrypted using some of the best encryption methods. No one, other than those who are authorized, will be able to see your messages, emails, images, etc. while using SKY ECC’s devices.

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