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Tag: SKY ECC Encrypted Phones

SKY ECC Encryption for Law Firm

SKY ECC Use Case for Encryption – Attorneys

Attorney-client privilege is the cornerstone that makes the legal system work. Without it, it would be impossible for lawyers to do their job and watch justice happen in a fairway. The legal world relies on secure data to exist. A data breach at a law firm is not just about

SKY ECC Encryption

SKY ECC Use Case for Encryption Manufacturing

As with any industry with any value attached to it, manufacturing and its twin, supply chain, is also open for cyber-attacks, theft, and all the related issues. This mainly because manufacturing is moving away from the manual to more digitally oriented methods to accomplish matters. Now, suddenly you have a

SKY ECC Encryption & Communication

SKY ECC Usage Cases for Encryption & Communications

You live in an age where the news is talking about Internet security, second only to politics. Not a day seems to go by without some news regarding hacking, data security, and things connected to digital data security. It is safe to say that it is not merely a question