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SKY ECC Use Cases for Encryption – Executive Security

There is a reason why in most instances, you do not hear about the movement of VIPs. it is because their lives are supposed to be protected from prying eyes, and their staff members accomplish this. Whether it is high-level executives, politicians, celebrities, and anyone else who’s activities brings about interest, it needs protection in the digital sense of the word. Most VIPs are not in charge of their transportation needs or even deciding on who, when, and where they meet someone. Celebrities and other important people have staff members who take care of these things. Therefore, employees who are in charge of VIP movement require as much if not more protection than the VIPs themselves, in most cases. If an employee uses an ordinary “protected” app to schedule meetings and book transportation, hotels, etc. it is only a matter of time before they get hacked, and valuable information gets stolen and sold to someone else.

If you are in the executive handling business or work as a secretary who handles such things for your boss, then you must have excellent communication security systems in place. If you don’t, then you may unknowingly reveal the locations of your clients, the movement of your client, and who they are meeting. Needless to say, it is imperative to have hack-proof communication systems in place to ensure the safe movement of VIPs.

Why Securing VIP Related Communication is Important

Judging by what you see on the news, it is safe to say that VIPs and celebrities are some of the biggest targets for hackers. The news value of a celebrity hack alone is enough to tempt a hacker to get into the smartphones and computers owned by them. Therefore, apart from the “normal” type of hacker who is looking to make some quick money, there are also hackers who practice their art just for the entertainment value. The following are just a few examples of what hackers did to high profile, high net worth individuals just in the last couple of years.

  •  The CEO of Twitter Jack Dorsey’s phone experienced a hack known as “SIM-swapping.”
  • Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos experienced a hack and had private photos stolen.
  • In Asia, hundreds of politicians and activists Whatsapp accounts got hacked.
  •  Hackers working on behalf of News International hacked and stole voicemails from the British royal family as well as other VIPs.

Hackers do not spare people like you who have any valuable info about VIPs and celebrities. Even if the people you work for have secure communication methods, if you do not have good security on your smartphone, you are now the weak link in the communication chain. When a hacker, who was working for the news organization “News of the World”, hacked into the systems of employees, he was looking for info about their employees. The following were some of the victims of the News of the World hack.

  • Father of football player David Beckham Ted Beckham
  • High profile football agent Sky Andrew
  • Paul McCartney’s publicist Stuart Bell
  • Prince William & Harry’s secretary Jamie Pinkerton-Lowther
  • Robin Winskell, Attorney for sports players

What all these people have in common is that they work closely with VIPs of different walks of life and had weak communication security in place. They are privy to information on what their clients do, who they meet, etc. In fact, oftentimes, it is the people who work with celebrities who get attacked more often and more viciously than the celebrities themselves! Perhaps it is because there is a false perception that the employees are less likely to retaliate. Whatever the reason, the fact is, if you do not have secure communication systems in place, it is high time to start thinking about it.

SKY ECC and the World of Enhanced Communication Security

Sky ECC accomplishes communication hygiene by taking a “two-pronged” approach. The first is that we have our own software and apps created to use the best encryption methods available today. The encryption method we use is the 521-bit method, which is so sturdy that even the creators of the system cannot hack into your communication, let alone third-party players such as hackers. The next method is all things physical used to communicate. These include the phone itself and the backbone on which communication takes place, such as servers, routers, etc. All hardware protection is done by using the 521-bit encryption system, which cannot hack-proof. The following is a quick look at the main features of the SKY ECC communication system.

  •  Our encryption thwarts brute force hacking attempts.
  • Messages, emails, voicemail reside on our servers, not third party, vulnerable equipment. Our servers are located in over 190 countries.
  • All equipment used in communication is located off the grid, making it difficult for anyone who is not part of our system to find it. If you can’t see it, you can’t hack it.
  • Every message that leaves the phone is encrypted to the highest standards, making it invulnerable to anyone eavesdropping.
  • Sensitive items such as notes and email is placed in sperate containers that have their passwords to open. Our encryption methods also protect all logins and passwords.
  •  Penetration test done to SKY ECC systems by leading, third party manufacturers showed that our systems did not have any vulnerabilities.

If you still do not believe that ordinary messaging apps are highly vulnerable, then all you need to do is reference the hack done to the British celebrities and VIPs. The British government wound up spending millions of Pounds to conduct an inquiry. In the investigation, they found that nearly 4000 people were affected by the hack. 300 of those lost vast amounts of sensitive data.

The bottom line is that phone hacking is an expensive mishap and not to mention highly embarrassing at times. Your job as an executive assistant or consultant is to put in place safe and secure communication channels. SKY ECC can protect your info, in ways our competitors cannot accomplish. Contact us at your earliest convenience and talk to one of our staff members, who will be able to explain to you about our products.

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