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SKY ECC Use Case for Encryption Manufacturing

As with any industry with any value attached to it, manufacturing and its twin, supply chain, is also open for cyber-attacks, theft, and all the related issues. This mainly because manufacturing is moving away from the manual to more digitally oriented methods to accomplish matters. Now, suddenly you have a different kind of security issue to contend with, known as hackers. As with many other jobs and industries, manufacturing is also lagging in dealing with these sorts of threats. Secure communication is the backbone of the manufacturing and supply chain industry.

No Prizes for Guessing Where the Threats are From

Since 2018, nearly 20% of companies in the US suffered from some form of cyber-attack or data compromise. Most of these breaches in security came from China. And they’re not sparing anybody since many the victims were medium and small businesses as well. It is difficult to estimate how much damage is happening in financial terms; however, according to some estimates, it could be over $ 600 billion! What makes these attackers particularly scary is that they are very creative in coming up with ways to hack into your system. Examples would be any device that plugs into the USB port, which includes, but not limited to, E-cigarette devices to RC toys.

However, is China the only country that is allowing this? Of course not, but they are one of the main ones. All this spying by China has helped boost its manufacturing prowess. The following is a glance at what China is willing to do and what they have accomplished.

  • At least 50% of all technology used in China is based on stolen material from a foreign country
  • If they can’t get it through cyber means, then China pressures foreign companies to hand over technical know-how to Chinese companies to make items
  • Chinese agents are going to any lengths to get their hands on a protected product, as evidenced by an incident where a Chinese engineer put himself in the supply chain to steal patented chemicals
  • Most companies that do business with China claim that China has little or no enforcement when it comes to cybercrimes on their side

The Two-Pronged Safety System

SKY ECC offers companies safe communication methods both within and outside of the company. This is important since you need complete control over who exactly has access to data at all times. One of the key ways in which controlling data access helps you are by negating the possibility of a third-party impersonating as a vendor. In fact, masquerading, as someone else, is one of the most popular ways hackers steal data. With SKY ECC’s data protection technology, this will no longer be possible.

Securing communication is also known as micro-segmentation. The basic ways in which micro-segmentation helps companies are as follows.

  • Since SKY ECC’s devices and network work outside of regular networks, it is only accessible to those you give authority to
  • Managers and supervisors are always in the loop regarding any compromises, shutdowns or attacks
  • CEOs and other executives will never lose contact with IT teams

The Lessons Learnt From the “LockerGoga” Incident

The LockerGoga incident describes a cyber attack on a major aluminum manufacturer Norsk Hydro. In this case, employees were locked out of their communication channels and had to resort to using social media to find out what happened and to continue working! Not only communication but critical manufacturing processes were also hit. The attack started in their US offices and spread to their home office in Norway. All computer-controlled manufacturing had to be stopped and reverted to manual control of machines. Apart from Norsk Hydro, five other companies were also victims of this hack. Within the first week, the estimates were that Norsk Hydro lost nearly $40 million.

The bottom line is that attacks against supply chains and manufacturing seem to be only growing, year after year. And it is affecting everybody, large and small businesses alike. Therefore, stop waiting and take the plunge against cyberattacks of all kinds with SKY ECC devices and apps and protect your business from inevitable hacking.

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