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SKY ECC Usage Cases for Encryption & Communications

You live in an age where the news is talking about Internet security, second only to politics. Not a day seems to go by without some news regarding hacking, data security, and things connected to digital data security. It is safe to say that it is not merely a question of whether you will get attacked but when. Cyberspace is becoming an increasingly hostile landscape, and if you take privacy seriously, you will need to take the necessary steps and not take things for granted. It is for these reasons and more that a company like SKY ECC has set up a fantastic system to protect your data.

Who can Use SKY ECC’s Application?

The simple answer is to this question is anyone who needs it. However, some of the most popular clienteles are governmental departments, health care centers & pharmacies, educational institutions, corporations, legal offices, high-profile individuals, and high net worth individuals such as celebrities and corporate executives. Other examples are any other institutions/organizations that need to send completely secure digital data in all its various forms. With the help of SKY ECC, hackers, malware, viruses, trojan horses, email scams, etc. are now a thing of the past.

In fact, according to case studies done by SKY ECC and industry watchers, the pharmaceutical industry and hospitals are some of the most hacked organizations in the world. The reason for this is because of the high value of data involved, which includes patient health data to industry information. Out of these two, pharmaceutical companies receive the most attack from spies and scammers. This is understandable since pharmacies exchange information regarding recipes for medication and other highly lucrative data. Unfortunately, studies show that the medical industry as a whole does not take proper precautions to secure data.

So far, we have looked at industries that would find SKY ECC’s devices and services useful. Now, it is time to take a look at jobs and individuals who need secure data transmission. It may be hard to make a case for every employee or individual to have one of our devices. Even if they do not need to send highly secure data all the time, there will be a need at least part of the time. And when you need it, it will be invaluable. Because, when it comes to security, you cannot afford to take things lightly. In aviation, there is a popular quote that goes, “I would rather be on the ground wishing I was in the air than, be in the air and wishing I was on the ground.” This is an excellent analogy that illustrates it is better to be in a safe place when it comes to security. The jobs that call for good data security are surprisingly plenty. Some examples are:

  • CEOs & Executives
  • Lawyers
  • Researchers & lab technicians
  • Employees working remotely
  • Journalists
  • Government employees in sensitive positions

If you or your organization does not fit in any of these jobs or industry descriptions, that does not mean you will have no use for SKY ECC’s devices. Regardless of what type of industry you are in or job you do, we can help and advise you regarding how our data encryption technology can help you.

Building a Business Case for SKY ECC Devices

The “secret sauce” of SKY ECC’s devices is its encryption technology. We use the industry-proven 521-bit elliptic-curve, cryptography developed by Diffie-Hellman to encrypt messages and data. The technology is much more reliable than the ones produced by governmental security agencies.

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