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Answers to common questions

SKY ECC Frequently Asked Questions

Protect your privacy with SKY ECC

End-to-End Encryption phone

How can I download SKY ECC? I don’t see it in the App Store/Play Store.

SKY ECC is not available on app stores and is installed on a dedicated, secured device. All “secure messaging” apps you can install via an app store have the same basic flaw—if the device has already been compromised or isn’t set up securely your messages might not be as secure as you think. You can learn more in this here

How can I purchase SKY ECC?

You can purchase SKY ECC through our online store with Bitcoin or PayPal. Alternatively, please contact us on our 24/7 live chat on the bottom right corner of the page and we will refer you to your nearest Reseller to purchase locally.

Which devices are compatible with SKY ECC?

SKY ECC is installed exclusively on devices from Apple, Google, and BlackBerry that have passed extensive security reviews and include tamper-resistant chips. Please see the full list of compatible devices here

What are the permitted uses of SKY ECC?

The permitted uses of SKY ECC are prevention of identity theft, hacking and malicious attacks; protection of personal privacy rights; and the secure operation of legitimate personal and business affairs.

What is zero-trust security?

Zero-trust security is a philosophy based on the premise that any given part of a device may be compromised. For example, we assume a device might have malware installed, so SKY ECC is installed in a secure container malware can’t breach. We assume all network connections are being intercepted, so all communications to and from the device are encrypted and you cannot log into SKY ECC if it can’t confirm the network connection is secure. Learn more about zero-trust security here.

What types of encryption are used on SKY ECC?

All images, chats, and notes stored in the Vault are encrypted with 521-bit ECC using Elliptic-curve Diffie–Hellman secp521r1. This is magnitudes more secure than encryption used by even the NSA for their Top-Secret messages which use 384-bit ECC. Message metadata is encrypted with AES 256 and network connections are secured with 2048-bit SSL.

How is my information protected?

We don’t have or store any personally identifiable information about you on our servers. On our servers, we only have your randomly created six-character ECC ID and the other anonymous ECC IDs you have in your contact list. Your privacy matters and we ensure that you can communicate securely and privately with SKY ECC.

How is information stored on your servers?

All the information you are entering, including your username, are saved on your device and not on our servers. Messages are not stored on the SKY servers; they simply pass through the secure gateway from one phone to another.

Why does it show that Blackberry Connectivity is not connected on iPhone?

iPhone uses a private secure gateway while Android uses Blackberry Connectivity. A secure gateway does the same job as a VPN—encrypting and securing your connection. Both are secured, private and anonymous. No logs, location or tracking. All GPS/Location Services and Bluetooth are already disabled on the back-end by IT.

Where are the private keys for my messages generated and stored?

Private keys for messages and your Vault are generated on your device with random data and stored on your device, NOWHERE else. We can’t in any way or circumstance read your messages. Only you hold your private key used to decrypt your messages. Your public key is stored on the server to be sent to your contacts.

Where are your servers located?

Due to security and privacy reasons, we cannot disclose the exact location of our servers. SKY servers are located in countries that have a long history of protecting the privacy and security of all citizens. Rest assured, all SKY data always remains private and protected by our robust data protection methods on the SKY servers.

How can I become a Reseller?

Fill out our Partner Program application form here.
Alternatively, you may contact our Corporate Sales Manager at one of the methods listed below.

Threema: NYJKH9EN
Telegram: @SKYECCsales
WeChat: SKYECCsales

For all other questions, please contact us on our 24/7 live chat on the bottom right corner of the page.

Don’t compromise on your privacy.