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SKY ECC for iOS is here!

All the SKY ECC features you love, now on the iPhone

Almost nine years ago we started out with the idea to build the best encrypted messaging app on the market. We first launched on BlackBerry devices in 2010 and since then we’ve been adding features and interface improvements to make SKY ECC not only the most secure end-to-end encryption (E2EE) on the market, but the easiest to use as well. Earlier this year we launched SKY ECC 2.0 on Android devices, which let us offer a broader range of devices from Google and BlackBerry. This was a huge step for us, and SKY ECC 2.0 brought in host of new features and improvements, but that wasn’t enough. We wanted more.

We wanted to launch SKY ECC on iOS.

After months of development, internal testing, and sharing with select resellers today we’re launching SKY ECC for iOS v2.0!

Encrypted Messaging App

All the features, all the security, now on iPhone

When we started developing SKY ECC for iOS we had one core requirement: the iOS version must be as secure, or better, than our Android version and have all the same features. Security is a given, but feature parity was essential so no matter what devices your team uses, SKY ECC works the same way. We’ve worked hard to develop a zero-learning curve E2EE app with uncompromising security and privacy, and we believe SKY ECC 2.0 on Android and iOS achieves that goal.

We’ve all loved testing the iOS version over the past several months. And I’d like to thank our development and testing teams for all their hard work to get us to this launch. I’m very proud of this app and I know you are as well.

A special note about security and iOS 12

One of the most important reasons we are excited to launch ECC on iOS is the enhanced security built into iPhones and iOS 12. From boot and kernel protections to complex passcodes and device encryption to biometric protections and the new protections on USB-connected devices—we believe iOS is the most secure platform for ECC available. In our own tests we’ve been very impressed with how secure iOS is out of the box, and combined with a complex passcode, you have a device that is very resistant to hacking and intrusion. If you’d like to learn all the details around iOS security, Apple’s iOS security white paper gives you all the information on encryption, hardware protections, and software protections.

SKY ECC Contacts

How to get SKY ECC for iOS now

Want to get your hands on SKY ECC for iOS now? If you’re already a SKY ECC customer, contact your agent through SKY ECC. If you’re new to SKY ECC, please fill out our contact form and we’ll connect you with a reseller in your area. SKY ECC for iOS runs on iPhone 6 or higher (including the iPhone SE) and requires iOS 12 to meet our security standards.

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