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SKY ECC Devices and App Pass Extensive Testing

BlackBerry’s rigorous testing was unable to crack SKY ECC

We at SKY ECC believe that secure messaging, and the tools that work with it, be easy to use and widely available. Our communications should be private and secure, allowing us the privacy that is our fundamental right.
To be able to get to that point, easy-to use and widely available messaging tools are needed. However, to truly make sure that messaging is secure, an app, in which it has been designed and built from beginning with security as its core feature, is needed. The SKY ECC app was built to regard even the device it operates on with mistrust, but we wanted to go that extra mile, making sure the device the app operates on is as secure as the app itself. With both parts firmly secured, then you know that all your communications will be secure too.
But without proof, all of this is simply talk. Without proof that we built a highly secure app. That the device, VPN and secure container were configured correctly. And the only way to get that proof is to give security expects, with specialized equipment designed for penetration testing, and seeing if they could compromise, in any way, the app, the encryption or the device. When we say that the most secure mobile messaging app available to you is SKY EEC, we won’t deny, we are a little biased. But thanks to BlackBerry’s extensive testing in October 2018, we can say so without bias.

Neither minor, major nor critical issues were found

Have a look at the tables presented, which come from the penetration testing reports from Blackberry:
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  • The fact the tables are blank means that they were unable to find any issues. BlackBerry Cyber security team’s tests attempted to decrypt messages, compromise the security of the device and see if they could bypass security and passwords via brute force attacks.
    Using two devices (A BlackBerry KEYone and a Google Pixel 2) for the pen, BlackBerry took them and over two weeks they had unrestricted and unlimited access to finish the tests. A full results of the tests and methodology can be found here. So how is SKY ECC such a secure app?
    Aside from our amazing team of programmers and engineers, SKY EEC is so secure as we commit ourselves to making sure that from the start, keeping it secure is key, and that throughout the building of the product, it remain secure.
    ⦁ Begin with secure devices, with tamper resistant hardware modules
    ⦁ Secure the device at its root level
    ⦁ Install the app in a secure container on the device. Putting a cryptographic barrier between SKY ECC and the rest of the device
    ⦁ BlackBerry UEM and the BlackBerry Infrastructure establish a authenticated TLS connection that uses 256-bit AES to protect the data in transit
    ⦁ 2048-bit SSL connection to SKY private servers

  • Sender/receiver metadata wrapped in 256-bit AES
    ⦁ Messages encrypted with 521-bit elliptic-curve cryptographic (ECC) algorithm
    ⦁ Secure the app with our proprietary brute force password protection

With the penetration testing to show it, only the SKY ECC app can fully protect you from brute force attacks and keep your messages secure. A brute force attack may be able to find a way in, but SKY ECC ensure it is locked in tight. And to top it all off, SKY ECC’s most secure feature is that it is easy to use.

Many highly secure messaging services and apps prove tricky to use, often too hard, leaving user with a poor experience. Offering an intuitive and simple to use app, SKY ECC hits harder and provides more on each feature then any other secure messaging app, and most importantly, you will enjoy using it. If it’s annoying to use, you will not use it and if you are not using it, it is not helping keep your messages secure.

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