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Paying For a Solution Gives You the Support, Stability and Service You Need

Free solutions cannot provide for enterprise-grade secure messaging

Free apps can often be a very enticing offer. You receive a product and do not have to pay anything for it. Many E2EE apps offer their service for free and that does not mean that they are not secure. However, if you see secure messaging as an important part to your business, we believe it is enough to invest money in a solution that keeps your communication secure and private. When you invest in enterprise-grade E2EE secure messaging, what do you get? What does it give you that a free service cannot?



The support you need is something free apps can’t afford

At some point with using secure messaging, you will have questions and need support. It could be help on configuring the device correctly, or using the app. Maybe you have suggestions, feedback or technical difficulties. It’s at then that you need support, quick responses from real people, able to help you in your situation.
With free apps, they usually do not possess the resources to provide this. Support requests can take time to be processed and whilst you have good software, it can often count for nothing you if you face a problem and have no way to remedy it. Examples of this, like Signal and WhatsApp, can often leave you struggling to find help.
When you pay for secure messaging, you want enterprise grade support to help you with E2EE app. At SKY ECC, we seek to provide you with just that. With our enterprise-grade support, we make sure to monitor the current status of requests and have live people to talk to at any time to help with whatever issue you have. When secure messaging is vital to your business, we want to help, providing the support you need to help protect your business.


Service that you can rely on

Paying for an app provides not only good support, but service too. Setting up secure messaging on devices can often be tricky. Between configuring and locking down, we know it can seem complex. If you use secure messaging, you want the peace-of-mind to know that your employee’s device is secured and safe. Whilst it is available to have SKY ECC on a personal device (BYOD), there is an alternative. Purchasing and secure, pre-configured device, pre-installed with an app for secure messaging, ready to go. It cannot be tampered with and allows for all confidential discussions to be safe, secure and private.
Free apps can be downloaded easily and at zero cost, are an attractive offer. But the lack the level of service you most likely will need. They lack the resources of enterprise-grade apps, which means they cannot offer the same level of service, such as to work with device manufactures and allow for settings to be configured for multiple devices. At SKY ECC, we believe that to guarantee security and privacy is using secure, preconfigured, clean device, already set up for secure messaging.


Stability give you long term reliability

Whilst free apps may seem like a great deal, they can often be risky and unsustainable for the companies who develop them. Businesses require revenue to run – servers and computers need to be purchased, offices rented and employees need to be paid. Investors do allow for companies to keep going, they eventually have to find ways to start making money.
For free apps, this presents a hard choice and when companies do not figure this out, they do not succeed. The reverse of this is that starting with an app and service that is designed not to be free, you start a business aiming and planning for the long term. It looks to invest in long term viability and stability.
Many messaging apps have fallen, unable to find a revenue model that could sustain them. A number of apps that started as free and manged to remain that way, did so as they were acquired by bigger companies. For start-up techs, this could potentially be a beneficial scenario, but it comes with a cost to the users, seeing changes in the services offered, instability in the app and features being removed. In certain cases, it is seen that the product is bought only to be shut down instantly, as a way of removing the competition from the market, or so that the larger company can launch their own product. With the free app gone, so too does the connections and data built with it. Potentially even worse is that a company could change its main core features:

To offer you the best enterprise-grade E2EE messaging service, we do not believe we cannot charge for it, to run on a free model. We believe that it is not good for business when long term stability, full time support and helpful service is not available to the user. Free apps are a crucial part of the E2EE ecosystem, helping improve public knowledge on security and personal privacy. We also believe that secure messaging is fundamental to businesses who rely on it and that if you are looking for a secure messaging app for your company, you owe it to your team and yourself to invest in an app that will be able your business grow, and be there to support and help when needed.
It may be free, but we don’t think it is worth the cost
If you see anytime customer care, guaranteed and full privacy and the reassuring feeling of knowing that the information you want private, secure and safe will stay that way, as important, then it is worth paying for an app. Have a look on the SKY ECC Store to see our enterprise-grade tools to help start protecting your messages today.