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Sky ECC reseller partners

Partner Program

The world’s most secure messaging app available for offer

Sky ECC Reseller

The only solution that gives true communication security, yours to offer.

SKY ECC is the best solution on the market and used by thousands of people around the world. Offer a solution that goes the extra mile for you and your customers.

Demand for secure messaging is huge

Every messaging hack, leak, and scandal reminds people their messages aren’t as secure as they think. People want a solution they can trust. People are looking for SKY ECC to secure their digital lives. Social media giants who make money from your data can’t be trusted to create a secure messaging solution that respects your privacy.

Encrypted iPhone Messages
Encrypted email and messaging app by sky ecc

This is serious business

Our partners get the resources, support, and training they need to hit the ground running and succeed. Our business grows based on the success of our Partners. Our pricing tiers, policies, and programs ensure you can build a successful business offering SKY ECC to customers.

Marketing Resources and Expertise

All Partners have access to a suite of field-tested marketing assets you can download and use. When you need a technical expert or more information, we have people and resources you can rely on. We are there for you.

Encrypted android & iphone app SKY ECC Secure app
End to End Encryptiion App SKY ECC Global

Support & Training from Day One

We teach you everything. Our online training portal has you everything you need to know about how SKY ECC works, how to use our systems, how to track success, and how to sell SKY ECC. We support you 24/7 with technical, resources, and product information.

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