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Why encrypted messaging is more important than ever
MESSAGING ENCRYPTION is far and away becoming an integral part of our personal security lives, and the fact that plenty of platforms are implementing the feature is a good thing, no matter what governments may say.
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Why encrypted messaging is must-have for any small business
Today’s technology makes it easier than ever for small businesses to manage communications and take care of those important tasks that help them find new customers.
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Why Law Firms Need to Encrypt Their Text Messages
All lawyers have secrets, so they need to be very careful with their written communication. They can’t afford to send text messages that may compromise the result of their trials if intercepted by the wrong persons.
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How Secure Are Your Private Messages?
Hackers, particularly state-sponsored hackers, have shown a willingness to go after big, established tech companies like Yahoo and Google.
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Is Your Company Using a Secure Messaging Platform?
Businesses are employing all sorts of new technologies to communicate; everything from cloud computing to text messaging and employee engagement apps are becoming commonplace in today’s companies.
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5 mobile security threats you should take seriously in 2018
Mobile malware? Some mobile security threats are more pressing. Every enterprise should have its eye on these issues in the coming year.
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