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How to Uninstall WhatsApp and Clear Your Data

Between its continued issue and the vice like grip Facebook has on it, many have decided that now might be time to call it quits with WhatsApp. From how Facebook uses the app to track, harvest and use your data to how it plans to add adverts to the platform some time this year, it highlights how poor a choice WhatsApp is for messaging.
If it has not become the app for you anymore, then you need to uninstall it. Sadly though, it is not a simple task of clicking delete on the app. If you do that, the data and account will remain in WhatsApp. We have previously talked about some of the problems from this.
The following will help you delete WhatsApp once and for all, making sure no account or data is being left. And when you are finished with getting rid of WhatsApp, we will show you some options for truly secure and private communications.
What you need to do before you delete WhatsApp
Before you skip ahead and get to the deleting part, you should note the following:
⦁ The account will be permanently deleted
⦁ WhatsApp does not store or keep backups for deleted accounts
⦁ Anything you need or that is important, such as photos or documents, should be backed up before hand
⦁ Once completed, your data will be gone forever.


Whatsapp is very popular, so you may not necessarily want to go with the most extreme option. If it is an app that you use frequently, you may not want to completely delete it. Instead, maybe switching to a different option, which is more secure, may be a better choice. To have a look at what it is like not to use WhatsApp, give this approach a try:
⦁ Run the backup process to the cloud for your OS to store everything you currently have.
⦁ Hold down on the app icon and delete the app when the “X” appears.
⦁ You can then restore the data whenever you wish
There is one problem with this approach though: WhatsApp servers still contain your data. This is already a massive risk, even before you add in that they store all this data as plain text. Keeping you data in an air-gapped storage device, backed up by yourself, is a much better idea. Still want to fully delete WhatsApp? Well, here is how you do it.
Deleting WhatsApp on iOS
Deleting WhatsApp on iOS is pretty simple. Open up the app and lets begin.
⦁ Go to setting in the bottom right-hand corner:


⦁ Scroll down and click Delete My Account:


⦁ Enter your full phone number of the account you wish to delete, the same one that was used to create the account. Then, click the Delete My Account button.
Doing this will:
⦁ Delete all data of your WhatsApp message history from your phone
⦁ Delete the profile photo
⦁ Delete any and all information that has been shared with any of Facebook’s companies
⦁ Delete all account information
⦁ Delete everything stored in the iCloud backup server, if you have WhatsApp backed up to the iCloud)
It can take up to 90 days to have all your stored backups permanently deleted, but none of the information will be available for you to access in this time. The data you have on other people’s phones will also not be deleted.

Deleting WhatsApp on Android

When uninstalling for Android, the steps are similar to with an iPhone, albeit with some minor changes, mainly due to the difference in how buttons are named and labelled.
⦁ Go to More Options, which you can find in the drop-down menu on the right hand side. From here, got the Account tab.


⦁ Head to the bottom and click Delete My Account


⦁ Using the international format, enter in your full phone number and click the red button labelled DELETE MY ACCOUNT.


This will do the same as with the iPhone: fully deleting your profile, account info and group chats, as well as all data stored.

Finding a truly secure messaging app

When it comes to having a basic platform to talk with friends on, WhatsApp is a good choice. But when you need secure messaging, it falls way short. If you do decide to keep WhatsApp, keep in mind it will not keep your data or information secure. Some of the reasons that see people uninstall WhatsApp include:
⦁ No metadata encryption
⦁ Messages stored as plain text on WhatsApp servers
⦁ The company is owned by Facebook and is subject to heavy data gathering
⦁ Very low encryption protocols
⦁ Minimal security of files, photos and attachments
⦁ Log IP addresses
We could talk for quite some time about how WhatsApp does a poor job at protecting your messages, but for now, it can easily be summed up with one simple point: There protections do not do much protecting. The diagram below puts SKY ECC against WhatsApp and compares them:


Security and privacy have always been at the front of our thinking when we built our app and we always aim to have the highest security standards. Meanwhile, WhatsApp launched without end-to-end encryption and only added it when they purchased it off Signal. Even then, they did not make it a default for another few years.

How SKY ECC excels

Simply put, SKY ECC can allow you to accomplish things WhatsApp can’t:

  • 521-bit ECC encryption protocol (the strongest encryption commercially available for any app)
  • Delete messages you have sent, a problem WhatsApp can’t seem to ever get right
  • Store all of your data securely within your own phone, which leaves no servers to ever be compromised or exploited
  • Complete control of who can message you at any point
  • We store no personally identifying information about you, at any point
  • Flash messages that automatically delete in 30 seconds
  • All messages delete after a set time, which you can edit in the settings, between 7 days to 2 hours
  • An encrypted vault secures and protects chats, documents and photos you want to keep safe

There are many more features which make SKY ECC by far the most secure choice of phone on sale today. Clear your data and uninstall WhatsApp today and get ready to move forward with secure and protected messaging. No data leaking, no Facebook, peering into your messages. True, proper protected communications.