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Best-in-class Secure Messaging

SKY ECC Features

End-to-end Encryption is the starting point

End-to-End Encryption phone

All the Security Features Offered by SKY ECC

The following is a list of the different layers of security offered by SKY ECC.

Brute force

If logging in using wrong passwords, then CAPTCHA is used to ensure no one other than the person authorized to log in is allowed. There is a limit on password attempts, and the app will erase if it detects forced entry.

Secure environment

If the app does not feel the device to be secure or if the device is compromised in any way, you will not be able to log in.

Protected passwords

Messages and saved vault items have their own passwords.

Most Secure Encrypted Phone

Headers and Metadata

The app is capable of encrypting metadata and message headers, which adds another layer of security.

Push notification obscurity

If your data were to go to third-party vendors such as Apple or Google, the data is scrubbed before it goes to their push notification servers.

High-level encryption

SKY ECC uses 521-bit elliptic-curve Diffie-Hellman cryptography. This basically means you and only you can read your messages.

SKY ECC and the World of Tomorrow

If you need a data security provider that does not take anything related to Internet security for granted, then SKY ECC is the company to turn to. SKY ECC always assumes the worst can happen to your computer systems, in terms of hacking. As far as end-to-end messaging is concerned, SKY ECC takes things next level. The following are some of the main features of SKY ECC’s data protection plan.

Self-destruct & Flash messaging

You have seen it in spy movies where messages disappear or self-destruct after its played. Well, now, this feature is available for everybody who uses SKY ECC’s messaging feature. You can set the time as to when you want the message to erase itself or even erase the message immediately, if necessary. Another similar feature is the flash messaging, which is when messages disappear 30 seconds after opening it. The encryption used by SKY ECC is so good that even we cannot read the messages or any other data sent by our users.

Encrypted iPhone Messages
Encrypted email and messaging app by sky ecc

Group chat & Group broadcast

Group chat feature is exactly what you think it is. You will be able to chat with even large groups of people, with complete security. Group broadcast is a feature where you can send small messages to large groups with just a few taps. However, the security feature regarding chats is where SKY ECC shines. Your ID is randomly generated, and no one else can contact you unless you approve them. If you do not want to chat with someone for whatever reason, then blocking them is easy as well. You have complete control of who knows your chat ID and who can contact you.

Secure data

Most chat apps only take into account the security of the application itself and not all the in-between stuff. With SKY ECC everything from images, chats, notes, to audio messages, you can now share it, knowing that it is protected. A key reason for this security is that our secure messaging app uses tamper-resistant hardware. After all, SKY ECC’s basic philosophy is “zero trust”. The devices our company chooses, come with tamper-resistant chips, which also includes, no compromising back door features. The levels of security used is divided into three parts.

  • The hardware and software
  • All forms of communication, wi-fi, servers, routers, etc.
  • The app itself
Encrypted android & iphone app SKY ECC Secure app
End to End Encryptiion App SKY ECC Global

Scaling made easy

Do you travel a lot, or are you planning on traveling? Then no problem, since SKY ECC has a large footprint of servers distributed throughout the world. SKY ECC also uses SIM cards from around the globe, which means you will always have data access around the world. The SIMs connect globally via private tunneling service, which means complete privacy of data at all levels. This service also includes any wi-fi service your data may be traveling through. SKY ECC will not let you log into your account if things don’t look right from a security standpoint. All communication, from the very beginning to the last letter you send, is encrypted.

Get SKY ECC and Get Peace of Mind

The bottom line is that it’s not whether systems will get hacked or not, it’s a question of when systems will get hacked. Getting hacked has become a way of life, and you need to assume the worst and take necessary precautions. With SKY ECC on your side, you will get the peace of mind knowing that your data is 100% secure.

Don’t compromise on your privacy.