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Encrypt Your Communications with SKY ECC – Business Use Cases

Not a day seems to go by where there isn’t some news regarding cyber-attacks, hacking, etc. In fact, it has become so common now that the only ones that even make it into the news are high-profile cases. Whether its Jeff Bazos’ or Jack Dorsey’s cell phone hacking, one thing for sure is that nobody seems to be safe. Even the high and mighty in politics are not spared, as evidenced by the 2016 US presidential election fiasco.
However, the news is not all doom and gloom and there are ways in which you can stop it from happening to you, regardless of who you are. The sad part is that most, if not all, cases of cyber-attacks were avoidable if proper precautions were put in place. This article will examine the various types of peoples and organizations that are especially vulnerable to hacks and what can be done to stop the breach in security.
So, what can be done to stay safe from hackers? This article aims at showing you:
• What type of industries are the most vulnerable
• Show, how secure messaging systems are highly important and versatile
• Examine why secure messaging systems is one of the most important aspects of running a business.

SKY ECC Business Cases for Various Types of Industries

Manufacturers and Builders

Businesses involved in the manufacturing of any high-tech equipment experience some of the most frequent attacks on their data. From automobile makers, electronic technology industries, and even NASA, experience hackers trying to steal information frequently. After all, instead of spending years and lots of money on researching and developing a new product, it’s much easier to steal designs and ideas from someone else. One of the easiest ways for hackers to find valuable information is by hacking into emails and other messaging systems.
It’s not only about getting information, but it is also about hacking into computer-controlled equipment. Norsk Hydro, a high-profile company, involved in aluminum manufacturing, found itself on the wrong end of a hack and had to stop all computer-controlled production. Long story short, they had to revert to old fashioned, manually controlled methods, until maters were back in control again.

Law Firms and Security

Hackers do not spare even lawyers. It’s fairly common for opposing counsels and private investigators working for third party clients to hack into lawyers’ computers to get their hands on cases. After all, few other situations can impact you like legal proceedings. The outcome of a case can have life-changing consequences, hence the big interest in hacking lawyers’ data. On the lawyer’s end, any compromise on data can result in the attorney losing their job due to disbarment as well as other complex consequences.
Apart from lawyers and other staff members, it is also a good idea to give a secure phone to clients to discuss legal matters. A case involving a famous human rights lawyer in Morocco illustrates this. After his phone got hacked by the government of his country, he had to exile himself. The truth is, regardless of what country you reside in, being a lawyer is an inherently risky job. Protecting yourself from hacks can be the difference between having or not having a job.

Journalism and Media

Another area that is target-rich for hackers is the world of journalism and media. Those who are in power, regardless of where they are located, view journalist with suspicion and paranoia. The problem is that journalism knows no borders. Hence, anyone with a plan for revenge against a journalist is going to be difficult to stop. Because of the media’s international nature, perpetrators know that the likelihood of getting caught and facing the consequences is almost non-existent. The attack by a hacking group known as “Fancy Bear” comes to mind. Fancy Bear believed to be working for the Russian government, hacked into the accounts of over 200 journalists worldwide. Therefore, it goes without saying that if you are a journalist, you need to put in place the best security measures against hacking.

The World of Medicine

The medical world is a tempting proposition for hackers for two primary reasons; personal info clustered together in one area, and news value of obtaining information about patients. Hospitals, especially in the US, keep a lot of information regarding patients such as social security numbers, addresses, and credit card info, usually in one area. That is why it only takes one hack on a server for someone to get a lot of valuable information. Even though there are laws passed, such as HIPAA, to protect patients’ rights, hackers can still take information without anyone even realizing it. Some hackers are interested in information that can be sold to the press, such as plastic surgery done on celebrities or any other health information regarding VIPs and famous people. Unfortunately, conversations between patients and hospitals are not always secure.

Corporate Executives and VIP Security

Once a person gets promoted into a powerful and lucrative position, they will automatically receive a target on their backs. Therefore, there are businesses that work exclusively in the executive and VIP security. This is not about physical security, but rather, digital security. Those of you who do this for a living will need communication tools in place that are well-protected. Hackers are looking for data related to the movement of VIPs and executives. Finding out where they are going or who they are meeting can be potentially worth a fortune for hackers. In the last decade, at least 200 individuals who are in powerful positions or those who work for VIPs, suffered from hacks.

A Gold Mine of Information

The mining industry may not be as high profile as many other industries; therefore, unless you are really paying attention to the news, you may not know that it gets hacked a lot. Maybe it is because it is not a very “glamorous” business. Whatever the reason, the truth is, mining and mineral exploration companies are constantly getting hacked. Part of the reason for this is that the job of mining and exploring requires employees to be in remote locations. Whatever communication you put in place needs to be well protected. Whenever you have a situation where there is a lot of communication happening, especially from remote locations, you are automatically increasing chances to get hacked. Even some of the largest mining companies who took their security for granted got broken into. The hack that happened to Gold Corp in 2016 is a primary example.

Education and Research

Most good ideas started its life in educational and research institutions. Therefore, is it surprising that hackers will do pretty much anything to get into their communication systems? History is replete with examples of people stealing other people’s research work and ideas. The tradition of stealing from researchers is continuing on a grand scale, with nearly 8000 researchers in 320 universities getting hacked in 2018 alone! Everything from simple chats between staff members to servers containing research data is a potential target.

The Lucrative World of Celebrity Info

What makes celebrities different from the above list of concerns is that they are facing attackers as an individual. Apart from the obvious news value of hacking into celebrities’ phones, hackers know that individual users are less likely to be careful than institutions. In the old days, celebrities suffered “hacking” of a different kind. It usually involved people going through their garbage disposal and mail. Nowadays, it is mostly about hacking into their smartphones and stealing information and images. In extreme cases, the data can be devastating for the person if it gets released. The hack that happened in 2014 is easily the best example of this. Nearly 100 celebrities had their accounts hacked into, and countless embarrassing photos got leaked. All this happened as a result of a single hack! Therefore, it is not surprising that a lot of celebrities and the people who work for them have switched to SKY ECC’s phone system for all important messaging.

What makes SKY ECC Unique

The fundamental reason why SKY ECC provides some of the safest devices on the market today is that we have our own systems in place. These systems are not dependent on third party infrastructure. Our apps and support use our own highly secure 521-bit encryption systems, which is impossible to hack. Ordinary communication apps do not have the same level of security in place. Hence, SKY ECC has become the go-to place for safe communication for individuals and institutions alike.

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