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Deleting Signal: How to Fully Remove the App

As more and more security and privacy issues begin to arise, many people are feeling that Signal is not the communication app for them, especially those who value high digital privacy. If you message with Signal and you have read about the recent issues and problems on the app, you too might be looking to move to another secure communication app. But a problem lies in wait. Signal, like many other messaging apps, is designed that should you accidentally delete it, you can recover all your messages and account with ease. Normally, this would sound great. But this means that when you delete the app, Signal still holds information about you.
Now, this is not exactly the biggest problem per se, but if you wish to have privacy and security online, having information about you being held in a server for a service you no longer use is certainly a big problem. But with a few simple steps, you can make sure to wipe the information cleanly.
In today’s article, we are going to show you how to delete Signal on iOS, Android and desktop, as well as look at an alternative when it comes to secure communication.

A look at Signal’s privacy issues

Signal has seen user’s delete the app because of privacy and security flaw, and one very basic flaw sticks out:

Every account you have is linked to your phone number.

This alone completely unravels the privacy features of Signal. Should someone find your phone number, they can find you on the app. There are no barriers to stop this. And as one State representative for Washington found out, it can backfire:

All it took was for someone to get his personal phone number and then see if it was linked to a Signal account. Whilst it is very convenient to link up your phone number to an app, it comes at a server cost to your privacy.
How Signal’s group chats have caused problems
Over the last few years, there has been a multitude of issues with Signal’s group chat feature:
⦁ Once someone has been invited into a group chat, they cannot be removed. At all. Instead, you have to make an entirely new chat with all the original people you want in. In a large group chat? That is a massive problem.
⦁ If any one person in the group chat loses their phone, it means that a brand new chat has to be created.
⦁ Many group chats that have a large number of members become unstable and are prone to crashing.
⦁ Should someone decide to leave a particular group chat, they can often still read the messages in that chat.
⦁ Users who are not authorized to join have been able to be added to group chats secretly.
This last point is a massive issue as any one can potentially join and start to cause problems. What’s worse is that this troublemaker cannot be removed and so you would then have to start an entirely new chat.

Getting rid of Signal once and for all

The first thing before we get to deleting is that we establish what the difference between uninstalling Signal is and deregistering from Signal.
⦁ Uninstalling Signal is similar to what probably came to mind to your when it comes to deleting a phone app. Holding down on the icon until a ‘x’ appears and then clicking delete, or alternatively by going into Settings and removing it from there (this depends on what your OS is).
⦁ Deregistering is slightly different. Doing this means you delete all of your account data, as well as information Signal may hold about you, such as a phone number.
To properly get rid of the app, you must go through both steps. Luckily, the order does not really matter, though it is simpler to deregister first before moving onto uninstalling. So, let’s get round to doing it.

How to unregister and delete Signal on iOS:

⦁ Open your phone and then open Signal
⦁ Go to your profile, located in the upper left.
⦁ Tap on the “Delete Account” button


Click on “Proceed” when the warning pops up.


It has now deregistered your app and you can go ahead and uninstall Signal like you would with any other app.

How to unregister and delete Signal on Android:
⦁ Open Signal on your phone
⦁ Click on your profile
⦁ Then tap on “Advanced”
⦁ Turn the on/off toggle for “Signal messages and calls”
⦁ Once the pop up appears, choose “Ok”


Like with iOS, you can now uninstall the app and you are done!


Getting Signal unregistered and uninstalled on desktop:
⦁ Open the Signal app
⦁ Head to File, and then to the Preferences tab
⦁ At the bottom, click the “Clear Data” button.


⦁ Make sure to choose the option that says “Clear All Data”. This does what you would guess and deletes all data of yours on the app.


Once this is done, you are free to uninstall Signal from your desktop. An important note to remember is that if you have Signal set up of both desktop and phone, make sure you follow the instructions for deleting on desktop to make sure your data has been deleted from Signal’s servers.
If you are unsure about if you another device with Signal on? Before you go to delete the app, head into Settings and then to Linked Devices. Make sure to unlink them before you delete the app, just to be safe.

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