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How to Automatically or Manually Delete Telegram in Only a Few Steps

With an ever-growing list of security issues, many people are deciding that Telegram just is not for them. This is leaving many people looking to get rid of the app, be it through self-destruct settings or manually, and looking to move to a more secure messaging service. In this article, we will talk about how to delete Telegram with the self-destruct settings, how you can delete it manually, a smart tip on exporting data before you delete Telegram and a look at a far more secure messaging app.

With these security issues, it may be time to say goodbye to Telegram

Many people who downloaded Telegram did so as it was seen to be a very secure chat app. The big problem is it is turning out to certainly not be. Quite a few issues have arisen demonstrating this:

  • Weak settings: Your chats are not encrypted by default in the setting. This has caught many users out as they have not switched over to “secret chat” and have put those they talk to at risk, compromising privacy.
  • Server storage: Any conversation had without “Secret Chat” turned on is stored within their servers, instantly becoming an attack vector. This is a massive vulnerability.
  • Server storage part 2: To make matters worse, even the “Secret Chat” are stored in their servers as well. These at least are encrypted. But what is the point of storing any of these conversations? They simple become a target to be hacked and exploited. With SKY ECC, we stay exceptionally secure, as the only place where chats are stored is the user’s device, giving them the ability to have control of their data.
  • Media-file-jacking: As with WhatsApp, Telegram has been shown to be vulnerable to media-file-jacking. This involves malware changing images that you may send or receive, potentially without you ever knowing.
  • Hackers: Thanks to a Unicode bug, hackers have been able to exploit a vulnerability which installs malware and cryptocurrency miners.
  • Protocol: With so many cryptographic protocols out there, proven for their security, it is strange that Telegram created their own, the MTProto encryption. They are using an algorithm that has not been verified. Even we make sure to have ours tested, sending BlackBerry two of our phones. And this was to verify protocol that had already been verified!

If you have read through this list and any of these have worried you, which they should, then make sure to keep reading. Simply deleting the app sadly will not cut it, all your files and chats will still remain stored on their server. It is time to delete Telegram, for good.

Deleting your Telegram account using self-destruct settings

Within Telegram, there is a security feature that deletes the account in the settings, which will trigger after a certain period of inactivity. The shortest time limit to trigger this is a period of inactivity for one month. To activate this setting:

  • From your Telegram account, click on “Settings” (gear icon in the bottom right)
  • Click on “Privacy and Security” next to a lock icon.
  • Go down to “Automatically Delete My Account” and change “If Away For” from six months down to one.
  • Exit settings and you are finished.

For this to delete, you must not be active on the app for open month, regardless of any messages sent to you. If you can resist the urge to check your messages through this month, at its conclusion it will automatically delete everything, including contacts and messages.

How do you manually delete Telegram?

Unable to wait the month and just want to be rid of Telegram now? Understandable, and there happens to be a way to make sure the app is gone within the next 5 minutes:

  • Open up a web browser and log into the Telegram deactivation support page (You cannot do this within the app)
  • Add your phone number in the international format and click next.
  • A chat message will be sent through Telegram with an activation code.
  • From the deactivation window on your browser, enter the code
  • You have the option to add your reason for leaving the app here. Feel free to tell them that SKY ECC says “Bye”.
  • Hit the “Delete Account” button
  • This will be followed by a pop-up with two options. Do not fall for their “Nope, I’ll give it another try” and click “Yes, delete my account”.
  • You can now safely delete the app on your phone.

Doing this will instantly delete anything and everything connected with your account as well as the account itself. No one long month wait to get rid of it, ignoring new message alerts. It is all gone, nice and quick. It also means that you do not have to worry about all your data that is held within the servers for an extra month.

Getting your data out before Telegram is deleted

When you go to delete the app, there may be a few things you do not want to lose. With a properly secure messaging solution, you would be limited with what data you could export. However, as Telegram is not secure and will freely let you export anything you wish, there is a way to back up your data.

  • Go to the Telegram app on desktop:
  • Click Settings
  • Choose “Export Telegram Data”
  • Click on “Export Chat History”
  • Select the type of data you want to export

This lets you view the data from Telegram offline. If the conversations and communications which your recover contain sensitive information or data, make sure that you have them stored somewhere secure.

Say goodbye to Telegram and make the choice that will keep you secure

From Telegram to WhatsApp, many messaging apps are extremely similar. One says it boasts better security then the other, but in reality, they are all at the same level. What you are looking for is a secure messaging solution that will truly keep your protected. That is why you have come to this page.

You are looking for a chat app that offers secure protection for the following:

  • Messages sent from and to the phone.
  • Contacts stored on the phone.
  • Storage of all conversations kept on the phone, not on a server.
  • Documents received on the phone.
  • Photos taken on the phone itself and sent to you by other users.
  • Notes you make for later review.

All of these features are built into SKY ECC. Installed on the most secure devices available, it is the secure chat app that can keep your messages protected.

How SKY ECC is made secure

How is SKY ECC made secure? By using the following:

  • 521-bit elliptic curve cryptography, which is far more secure than any of our competitors.
  • AES 256 bit encryption on all metadata, something which many chat apps do not even bother to protect at all.
    Separate containers for the chat app itself, protecting it from any intrusion attempts.
  • Every single security feature of the operating systems used, including kernel rollback protection so that hackers can’t downgrade to previous versions of your OS which are vulnerable.
  • The help and analysis of independent testers who could point out any issues. We sent two of our phones to BlackBerry who painstakingly tested our app thoroughly…and found no issues. Zero.

Our approach comes directly from the mindset of a zero-trust philosophy. We do not instantly distrust app makers, phone makers or OS developers. It is instead that we are always asking the question “What if?” when it comes to digital security. With this mindset, it helps make sure we have an app that will not be compromised and allow you to remain protected.

You have deleted Telegram. When you choose your next app, pick the secure choice, and go with SKY ECC. Let your data, photos, chats, documents and notes be protected and secured by the most secure messaging app available. Contact us to today to find out more.