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most secure encrypted phone

5 mobile security threats you should take seriously in 2019-2020.

1. Data leakage

2. Social engineering

3. Wi-Fi interference

4. Out-of-date devices

5. Cryptojacking attacks

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SKY ECC Secure Messaging APP

7 Reasons Why Your Team Should Use Secure Messaging

Why You Should Switch To Secure Messaging For You and Your Team With each month, week and day, another company is targeted by hackers, a new breach of data occurs and emails that should be private, become public. Email is not secure. You know this.

SKY ECC Encryption for executive Security

SKY ECC Use Cases for Encryption – Executive Security

There is a reason why in most instances, you do not hear about the movement of VIPs. it is because their lives are supposed to be protected from prying eyes, and their staff members accomplish this. Whether it is high-level executives, politicians, celebrities, and anyone