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7 reasons why your team should use secure messaging

Why You Should Switch To Secure Messaging For You and Your Team

With each month, week and day, another company is targeted by hackers, a new breach of data occurs and emails that should be private, become public. Email is not secure. You know this. So let’s do something about it. Computer security is at the forefront of everyone’s minds, and the easiest way to make sure your Intellectual Property (IP) and company’s data is protected, is to use secure messaging. The following reasons show why secure communications is an essential tool and why your team needs to start using it today.

How unsecure is email?

Whilst it may be digital, an email you send has the same level of security as a post card. The writing is open for anyone to read. Email is not much different and this is why. Take email providers, such as Gmail, Office365 or They take your email and encrypt them, from your device to the server. However, once they get to the server, they are stored as unencrypted plain text. With this, anyone who can access the server would be able to read your emails with no restraint.

Without knowing it, someone could have read the contents of your email. Protecting your information and privacy is key and the security needed for both is something that email lacks.

Do privacy laws effect secure messaging?

Certain privacy regulations require that you protect people’s private information, such as HIPAA in the U.S and GDPR in Europe. Using end-to-end encryption (E2EE) for communication is the only way to follow these rules, especially for HIPAA.

When a message is encrypted by E2EE, it means that it remains encrypted until the receiver opens the message. With the use of an app that has E2EE, it means the only person who received the message can open it, making it essential security. With 521-bit elliptic-curve cryptography, SKY ECC can make sure messages are securely protected, making sure that the sender and recipient are the only two who can read the message.

A must have for security and complete privacy, end-to-end encryption allows the message to be sent and delivered, unread. Even the company providing the service cannot see it, leaving your receiver as the only person able to read the message.

When dealing with client information and handling sensitive subjects, SKY ECC allows you to safely know that the only people will be able to read the message are the exact people who should be reading it.

With more and more privacy laws being passed, making sure your communication tools stay in line with law is an essential. And if you don’t feel that your messages are safe once sent, that your security is lagging, then it is a good chance you lack protection.

What makes email a hacker’s first target?

The first target in line for hackers is email. At many times, this is the easiest access point to hacking into the IT network of a company, via tactics such as malware, spam and phishing.

Advancements in preventing these scams has helped immensely, but as software becomes more advanced, so too do the hackers, as they seek to bypass the filters. Obtaining the username, email and password of an employee and then posing as them to send phishing emails has become a common hack. If you were to receive an email from a colleague, what reason would you have to not to believe them, to not open the link or document you were sent? You would have no idea.

However, secure communication apps make it harder for hackers to start to get a foothold in the first place. With the app in play, it makes it nearly impossible for phishing or spam messages to be sent to a number of people.

With the use of contact list security tactics, secure messaging apps make guessing a person’s messaging address extremely difficult, meaning that a hacker cannot send out series of messages to guessed address (which is something easily done with email). If by any chance a person was to find their email hit by spam, it would be impossible to send a fake message from another device, as cryptographic signature for E2EE apps are tied to the exact device they are using, rendering the hackers attempts useless.

However, with email, it is extremely for this to happen. Once an email address has been guessed and the password obtained, they would be able to message from anywhere in the world. Less reliance in email and the more you and your team move to secure tools for messaging, the likeliness of an email based hacks being successful decreases.

Can servers interfere with secure messaging?

Consider the amount of documents you send through email every day. Now what if any of those were to end up with the wrong people. How much damage could that do to your company? When you send a document via email through an internal email sever, it remains in the server with no encryption to protect it. All it takes is for one hacker to gain access and then they get access to not just the emails, but documents to. Every single one that has been emailed at the business.

However, by using a secure communications app to send documents, the risk of the message being intercepted or the documents falling into the wrong hands is reduced.

Think about how many people outside of your company you also communicate with. The documents and communications, you send, what is protecting them? It is not just inside your company that you are sending and storing, but with outside your company too.

How can you message consultants and vendors securely?

When thinking about secure messaging, people often only associate it with messaging others within the same company. But consider how many times you email outside, to other businesses. Accountants, lawyers and marketing firms are all examples of places you would message with highly sensitive documents. What way are you messaging them?

With each email, you have to trust that their email security and system is as secure and protected as yours. But what if they do not have the same level of security? Each conversation you have had could suddenly no longer be private. The same applies for the information shared. To give it the protection needed, use a secure app with end-to-end encryption to message.

Can BYOD and secure messaging with together?

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policies have become a popular practice by companies in recent years. By using their own devices, employees are more productive and often happier. It also allows companies to save on costs. So on paper, this sounds like a win-win situation. However, how secure are each of the employees personal devices? Each one could potentially have malware or spyware and whilst you gain convenience, you could lose security.

Each new device could be full of malware, a perfect entry point for hackers attempting to break into your network. Whilst BYOD allows for cheaper running costs for many companies, it presents a new array of access points to hackers to exploit, often less protected then those of a company device. Whilst it cannot protect from all the downsides of BYOD, secure messaging apps can help, protecting conversations detailing work in their own section of the device, away from the personal.

To create an extra layer of protection, companies can use Mobile Device Management (MDM) software. This allows them to remotely monitor and manage the work section of each device, protecting a company’s information.

Many MDM software’s also allow an administrator to know if an employee’s device has become compromised. This allows for it to be isolated and isolating it, stopping the spread of the hack across an organization.

How easy is it to start secure messaging?

Extremely. Easy to download and use, as well as affordable, communication apps can be easily put into use. If it is by text, email or another messaging system, they can have secure messaging, allowing their communications to be private and protected.

Starting with the app has been seen by many experts to be the main barrier stopping people from using secure messaging apps. Previously, many apps struggled to integrate into the user’s digital life, being difficult to set up and often hard to work.

Easy to begin with and built utilizing cutting-edge features with you in mind, SKY EEC allows for an easy set-up before you are ready to go, making sure the trouble is taken out of the way and your messages protected. We at SKY ECC make sure that we provide secure, but simple, collaboration and messaging tools that you will find user-friendly and enjoy using.

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